Pet Damage Protection

$1,000 PET DAMAGE PROTECTION for our owners with pet friendly properties. Here is how it works. We define “pet friendly” as one dog and no cats. The tenant is required to complete a pet application that is in addition to the normal resident application. Assuming the resident(s) and the pet pass our screening criteria, the tenant lease requires a small monthly pet administrative fee payment to the Manager. We use this method in lieu of collecting the traditional $250 lump sum pet rent that otherwise would have been paid to the Landlord. The benefit to the Tenant is move-in expenses are lower and the benefit to the Landlord is faster lease times and much more financial security.

At the time of lease termination, Rent Safe Property Management will first deduct from the security deposit any pet damages that exceed normal wear and tear. If the security deposit is not sufficient, the Manager will add up to $1,000 additional dollars to cover losses over and above reasonable wear and tear. You are not required to have a pet friendly property. However, almost 70% of tenants have a pet which means pet friendly properties rent faster and our guarantee makes having a pet friendly property safer.